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What separates HVBBD from all other canine assisted bed bug inspections is our true commitment to our craft. Out handlers and trainers are seasoned dog people with decades of working dog experience Add the fact that our handler and dog teams are all certified by the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO), the absolute most stringent certification process and testing in the USA. That is a winning combination anywhere.

Here at HVBBD, we are sure that we can provide the highest standard of excellence at a reasonable price with prompt service. That is a real value! We are not in the pest control business, so we have nothing to gain by the treatment of any bed bugs detected by HVBBD. (At our client’s request, we can recommend a certified tech.)

Our dogs and handlers are also specially trained and certified by Forensic and Scientific Investigations (FSI), a national leading and well-respected dog training institute. The FSI specializes in many disciplines including scent pest detection, mold detection, public safety and law enforcement.

If you suspect a problem, let us put your mind at ease with a canine inspection. Getting ahead of a costly treatment by being proactive is far better than allowing an infestation to metastasize. For a free consultation, call Pete (our master handler and trainer) or Ralph (lead certified handler) at 845-590-1493. To obtain further information and learn more about our premier services.

Trained Hudson Valley Bed Bug Detectives dogs finding bed bugs
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Dogs have been used for years by military and law enforcement agencies to detect explosives, narcotics, weapons and other threats to public safety. Dogs are now widely used in the private sector to detect mold, bed bugs, termites and other pests that present hazards to the health and well-being of humans. Our dogs are trained to detect the slightest trace amounts of bed bug odor that would normally go undetected by a human inspector and will work for play and love, not for profits or food.

Research and statistics support that a correctly trained dog has an extremely high accuracy rate of finding bed bugs. If the dog doesn't find bed bugs, you can know with greater certainty that your home or business establishment is bed bug free.

There is an overwhelming amount of information about what to do when you have a bed bug problem. Add suggestions from friends along with urban legends and the solution can be hard to see. Experts and scientists do all agree on one thing - bed bugs are unique pests that cannot be managed through typical pest control practices. The majority of nuisance pests, such as cockroaches or ants, can be quickly eradicated with minimal disruption. Bed bugs are different. Early detection of bed bugs is key because once the insects have moved in it can take months to get rid of them.

Hudson Valley Bed Bug Detectives' trained canines finding bed bugs
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Our dogs will generate quicker and more accurate results. Their sense of smell is extremely sensitive. It's the most effective inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs which leads to lower bed bug treatment costs for property owners, and commercial establishments.


The most difficult and important step in eliminating bed bugs is early detection and identification to correctly recognize these blood-feeding pests. While adult bed bugs can be fairly easy to see, bed bug eggs (which are white) and nymphs (which are virtually colorless) are nearly microscopic. Eggs hatch, and nymphs mature with each blood meal, quickly developing into fully-grown bed bugs, which are able to reproduce and form new colonies. Left undetected and untreated, they can rapidly turn into a massive infestation, making sleep for nearby humans a frightening experience.

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Why Have a Canine Inspection?

Proven and Trusted - We've all watched and cheered as a canine disaster recovery team sniffs out a lone survivor. Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs are able to locate everything from weapons and drugs, to missing persons, cancer and yes, bed bugs.

Speed and Accuracy Mean Ultimate Cost Savings - A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose, and a trained bed bug dog is looking for just one smell - bed bugs. These pests are quite secretive by nature and they are impressively flat, so bed bugs can hide nearly anywhere - in walls, in mattress seams - often in places no human could reasonably see them. It can take up to an hour for a human inspector to properly search just one bedroom for bed bugs. A dog can clear the same room in a matter of minutes and be more accurate.

Cutting-Edge Technology - The "nose" is cutting-edge technology and scientifically proven to be the most accurate inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of bedbugs and critical information for lowering costs of eradicating this parasitic insect.

Greater Peace of Mind - Our dogs are trained to work by being rewarded with play, not food. You can rest easy if our dog doesn't find bed bugs and know your money is well spent if it does.

The Nose Knows

Bed bugs hiding in a bed

Bed bugs are experts at burrowing and hiding in cracks and crevices. With a canine inspection you don't need eyes to discover them anymore. Due to a dog's keen sense of smell, a properly trained canine can detect the presnce of a bedbug infestation by the odor given off. A live bed bug, and viable eggs, are often hideen in places that might otherwise be missed on by a visual inspection. A dog quickly locates bed bug trouble spots, ensuring treatments can efficiently target and eliminate beg bug infestations. Dogs can also be used in follow-up procedures after treatment to guarantee that all bed bugs have been killed.

Hudson Valley trained canine bed bug inspections