About Us

Who is HV Bed Bugs

Being a small business allows us the ability to offer friendly and devoted Customer Service which is so often lacking in today's business world (especially when dealing with a large corporation).

All we do is bed bug inspections and detections (NO removal service). Combined with the best available trained and certified Dogs & Handlers, this affords us the experience and ability to provide you with the absolute highest degree of accuracy in finding bed bugs. Using a canine gives us advantage of quickly locating the exact spot where bed bugs may be hiding.

Since we concentrate on detections only, you can be assured that you will get an unbiased honest result (we have no conflict of interest). All that matters to us is that you get the proper most accurate diagnosis as to whether you have a bed bug problem or not. If you do have a bed bug problem, our results will pinpoint the exact locations that they are hiding in.

Our Follow-up Inspection (after treatment and removal) will confirm that the pest control service provider you used was totally successful. You can be assured that there are no more bed bug residents in your location! Please check with us on our follow-up pricing.

The HVBBD Story

Hudson Valley Bed Bug Detectives was founded by lifelong friends Pete Rizzo and Ralph Garcia who are both avid dog enthusiasts. Pete has had a number of successful businesses based out of Rockland County New York, and oversees all of HVBBD’s field operations.

Ralph retired from the NYPD as a supervisor and currently in the security field, ensures the administrative day to day responsibilities are carried out. Together, Pete and Ralph ensure the highest standards of canine detection are adhered to with relentless integrity and professionalism. The rest of the team consists of ex-military and law enforcement personnel who are certified as canine scent handlers.

Here is brief bio and testimonial about Pete Rizzo’s expertise:

Pete Rizzo, co-founder of Hudson Valley Bed Bug Detectives Inc.

All my life I have had a passion for working with dogs. Having trained many breeds at the highest level, I have seen and overcome many challenges. It's startling how a young puppy with raw abilities can be transformed into a dog demonstrating its full potential; no two being the same.

This is what motivates me to unlock every dog's working ability. A long time AKC Field trainer and judge, I have made my mark as a seasoned competitor. Having trained and trialed the most successful dog in the history of the Field Sport, winning over 20 Open competitions. Accumulating more points than any other dog in over one hundred years of others who have tried and finally she was the high point dog four out of five years.

My passion is an obsession and our dogs at HVBBD are trained to the same standards of preparation and readiness. Coupled with the fact that HVBBD has six teams (dog and handler) certificated by WDDO (the most stringent training and certification process in the USA) will ensure that your property receives the most stringent and successful inspection possible. In addition, not many other scent detection canine companies have someone of my ability and experience watching over every singe job.